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Christian Education


Contact us for more information for online meeting time and link. We'll be using "Zoom" (you can download the app to your computer or device in advance, here) - it even works well on smartphones!

An archive of previous programs we've used at Gloria Dei can be found here.


Starting in November, 2021, we'll be reading the Robin Wall Kimmerer book, "Braiding Sweetgrass." You can purchase a copy here, or look into borrowing it from your local library, or listen to the audio book.

Sunday, November 7 - Skywoman Falling & Council of Pecans (pp.ix-21; audio tracks 1-4)

Wednesday, November 17 - Gift of Strawberries, Offering, Asters and Goldenrod (pp.22-47; audio tracks 5-7)

Wednesday, November 24 - Learning the Grammar of Animacy, Maple Sugar Moon (pp.48-71; audio tracks 8-10)

Wednesday, December 1 - Witch Hazel (pp.72-81; audio track 11)

Wednesday, December 8 - A Mother's Work (pp.82-97; audio track 12)

Wednesday, December 15 - The Consolation of Water Lilies (pp.98-104; audio track 13)

Wednesday, December 22 - Allegiance to Gratitude (pp.105-117; audio track 14)

Sunday, January 9 - Epiphany in the Beans (pp.121-127; audio tracks 15-16)

Sunday, January 16 - The Three Sisters (pp.128-140; audio track 17)

Sunday, January 23 - Wisgaak Gokpenagen: A Black Ash Basket (pp.141-155; audio track 18)

Sunday, January 30 - Mishkos Kenomagwen: The Teachings of Grass (pp.156-166; audio track 19)

A couple of articles with summaries of Braiding Sweetgrass, and videos, are available here and here

And, we may draw on this resource for discussion questions as we read together!


This is a two-year program on the basics of our Christian faith, through a Lutheran lens! Students usually begin the program in grade eight.
We offer this program in tandem with St Mark's and Faith Lutheran churches.

We follow the Colaborate curriculum.


Video Sunday School lessons available in a playlist here (each lesson is around 10 minutes long)

Some resources for downloading and using at home available here.
A Palm Sunday resource available here.
A video about Palm Sunday and Maundy Thursday, here.
A video about Good Friday and Easter, here.

While not Christian education, per se, this link will take you to some learning opportunities from the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, which certainly have overlapping values with our faith!