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Positions available

Gloria Dei is a welcoming community, and part of the Reconciling in Christ roster (see our welcome statement). We look forward to members of our staff joining in this ministry of welcome and inclusion!

We are currently seeking part time staff to help with:


-we would love to reinvigorate our choir - are you a conductor?

-we would love to start a Children's Choir - do you work with children?

-we have a beautiful Casavant pipe organ - are you an organist?

-we have a set of bells - do you arrange music for bell choirs?

-we have instrumentalists - would you want to form a band?

Or simply: are you a musician available and willing to lead music in worship on Sundays? Please be in touch, so we might include you in our rotation of musicians!


-do you enjoy young people, and youth activities?

-are you good at leading games and crafts?

-are you good with ages 12-17?



We are looking for people with skills like those mentioned, above, to help build ministries in the areas of music and youth at Gloria Dei! Job descriptions are available, and the terms are negotiable so we might work with people willing to be committed to developing these areas with the support of the pastor and congregation!

Please email:

with resume, and with any questions!

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