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Making a mask

by Kim Dorn

I have been inspired by this lady to create over 600 masks to date for friends and family.

I will be making 3 ply masks (as is now recommended) with 100% cotton. 3 ply cotton allows you to wash at extremely high temperature to kill the virus. Really all that needs be done is wash in soap with your laundry or in the absence of that you can boil water and soak the soiled mask in the boiling water for 10 minutes, hand wash with dish soap, rinse and then dry completely. put out a pattern for free use - intended for gifting not profiteering - last year (early March 2020). This is the mask that I use most often and can be located online here. (One of those masks is being modelled in the picture with this blog post!)

These folks have made millions upon millions of masks for donation in the States. I was very inspired by their posting and being able to print off the pattern without having to purchase anything. I understood easily from the pattern instructions but now I see there is a video too.

I look forward to donating these masks to both The Urban and North Point Douglas Women's Centre In honour of our annual Baby Shower for Mary and Joseph (coming up on Baptism of Our Lord Sunday - January 10 in 2021).

I need to acknowledge my helper Scarlette who works with me on this ongoing project. She does all the washing and elastic cutting and threading which basically leaves me free to do the fun parts!

Should people make masks for distribution, following the patterns and ideas shared here, it is important to note that one needs to list exactly what the masks are made of, who made them, and instructions on how to wash them. And they need to be packaged individually. This is whether the masks are sold, or distributed free of charge.

"Happy sewing!" And thank you for keeping your community safe in this way!

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